FSRH CEU launches its new ‘Switching or Starting’ reference guide

Posted 7 June 2016

Date: 07 Jun 2016

Type: FSRH Clinical Guidance and Clinical Statements

FSRH guide summarising how to start or switch different methods of contracpetion now available for members

The FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit has put together a quick-reference guide on switching or starting contraception based on existing FSRH clinical guidance.

Dr Ailsa Gebbie, Co-director of FSRH’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit said:

‘We believe this document will be a valuable resource for all of our members across all care settings. Of course, it is important to emphasise that this guide is intended to be used in conjunction with clinical judgement in each individual situation. However, this printable, easily accessible version of ‘Switching or Starting’ will enable clinicians to feel confident that they are giving high-quality contraceptive care informed by evidence-based guidance.’

Members can access the guide via our 'Standards and Guidance' section where a PDF of ‘Switching or Starting’ will be available under 'CPD Questions and Answers Linked to Guidance'. This PDF is available to download or print for display in clinics.

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