FSRH All-Member Survey – your priorities

Posted 18 October 2023

Date: 18 Oct 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

Dear FSRH Members,

I am delighted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) All-Member Survey this past February. Your active engagement and candid feedback are invaluable to our organisation's continued growth and evolution. I’m very pleased to say that we received input from well over 1,000 members, a resounding testament to your engagement with your Faculty, and to our collective commitment to shaping the future of sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH).

The response to the survey has been both impressive and enlightening. Your views and insights will guide our strategic direction and action plans in the coming years. As we continue to work hard on our journey to transform your Faculty, your priorities will help create a more responsive FSRH, enabling us to become the best organisation we can possibly be, and helping us support you a little better every day.

Together, we are shaping a brighter future for FSRH, for the field of SRH, and for our women, girls and all who rely upon high quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services; I am deeply thankful for your participation in this vital journey.

What you told us

Thanks to your feedback we are better able to understand your needs and your priorities.

  • Value – You, our members, think FSRH is good value (with almost 70% being satisfied or very satisfied with the value you receive), and being part of a broad membership body that represents your interests and supports your development is important to you.
  • Relevance – You think that our training and education offer gives you real benefits, with 90% saying your qualification has had a positive impact on your practice and the care you deliver.
  • FSRH Events – Our events are very well liked, with strong satisfaction ratings across almost all event types with 75% saying you were satisfied with the breadth and range of topics, and 30% being highly satisfied with their experience.
  • Clinical quality – Those responding to the survey were extremely positive about FSRH standards and guidelines; with many of you referring to them on a daily or weekly basis and 95% saying they were satisfied or highly satisfied.
  • Advocacy – 71% of you, our members, think our advocacy and engagement work like the flagship FSRH Hatfield Vision is either the most important thing we do or highly important. 

Your priorities, our actions

Going forward, we’re committed to being the best possible educational and membership body we can be; and you told us these were the areas we need to focus on:

  • Membership – You told us that we need to be easier to deal with; simplifying, streamlining and reducing ‘bureaucracy’, while increasing the sense of community and better supporting those members on lower income.
  • Education and training – Your priorities were to improve the processes around recertification, streamline the learning experience and look to focus on complex contraception in future.
  • Workforce – This year we took a ‘deep dive’ to better understand your experiences as a part of the SRH workforce. Your answers showed us that we need to look to address the looming retirement crisis, recognise the staffing crisis, better respond to the needs of GPs and our primary care members, and do what we can to support members at a difficult time.
  • Campaigning – Although you were very supportive of the advocacy work of the Faculty, you told us that we should boost the awareness of key campaigns like the FSRH Hatfield Vision, and provide more active ways for you to engage.

A continuing journey

We’re taking action now to ensure we can continue to build on our strengths, work to address the issues you have raised and to strive to continue our transformation into a sector-leading membership and educational organisation; all with the goal of supporting you to support your patients.

Next year we’ll be issuing a “Member Survey Lite” that seeks to measure our progress with a few key questions that build on the key issues you have raised above.

Thank you once more for playing a vital part in our transformation. Together, we will achieve our goal of high quality SRH for all.

Yours sincerely, 

Dr Maryam Nasri
FSRH Vice President - Membership

Dr Zara Haider
FSRH Vice President - Workforce