Equality, diversity, inclusivity – developing the positive impact of the FSRH

Posted 21 November 2022

Date: 21 Nov 2022

Type: FSRH Press Releases and Statements

You, our members, have told us how important it is for you to belong to a membership body that makes a positive impact on our shared society.

You have told us that you want to see your Faculty do good – both in the campaigns and advocacy work we champion, but also in the way we behave and operate as an organisation that acts in the public interest as well as that of our members. This feedback, which resonates with the aims of the FSRH Board of Trustees and Council, has been used to develop our equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI), which has included this year the implementation of an organisational wide EDI Committee.  
To take a further step in the delivery of our members’ vision, today sees the launch of our new statement on EDI.  
The statement clearly sets out our vision of why EDI is an integral part of our values and practice; and as such, it provides details about how your Faculty is delivering an enhanced commitment to EDI in all that we do.  
We are committed to improving the recognition that diversity and inclusivity brings huge benefits to an organisation; thus, we want to increase the breadth of representation across the full range of the Faculty’s activities through better EDI data capture and analysis and providing advice to the FSRH Board of Trustees and Council on everything from service user and patient care to staff and employment practice.   
It also means engaging with our sector and beyond, to understand how we can learn from the most positive practice in the field of EDI and embed it into our own work.  
We’re proud to be launching such this critical work for the Faculty; but we acknowledge there’s much more to do.   
This statement isn’t about resting on our laurels, but rather it marks the start of a new phase in our journey as your membership body - one where your priority that the Faculty should make a positive social impact is acted upon with renewed determination and focus.   
Thank you for your support as we go on this journey.   
Dr Janet Barter 

Tony Thamia
Trustee and co-Chair EDI Committee                                                                                

Gary Waltham  
Chief Executive