Dr Ulrike Sauer steps down as Co-Chair of FSRH Events Committee

Posted 23 February 2022

Date: 23 Feb 2022

Type: FSRH News and Information

We celebrate Dr Ulrike Sauer, who is stepping down after four hugely successful years as co-Chair.

Ulrike first joined our Events Committee in 2017 as a consultant member, and in 2018 became co-Chair. During her time leading the committee, Ulrike helped shaped a cohesive group into multidisciplinary teamworking. She continually empowered the committee by listening to all suggestions and implementing changes wherever possible.

Together with co-Chair Dr Janet Michaelis, Ulrike drove the committee to be diverse by ethnicity, gender, region and profession. Thanks to Ulrike and Janet’s leadership, our events committee is a group truly representative of the members of the faculty.

Changing the face of events during the pandemic

During 2020 and 2021, where the impact of the global pandemic could have halted the entirety of the FSRH events output, Ulrike oversaw the creation of the hugely successful Virtual Conference, which provided a digital platform for FSRH members and SRH professional to join a high-quality educational event remotely. Ulrike and the committee designed a virtual programme that was relevant for different member groups of the faculty, which also incorporated more international themes and introduced a low-income resource countries rate.

We are extremely grateful to Ulrike for her hard work and incredible time commitment she has given to the faculty, and for being a key figure in the development of our events output. Our huge thanks to her for four fantastic years as co-chair, she will be sorely missed by all on the Events Committee and the Faculty team.