Dr Rebecca French steps down as Chair of the FSRH Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Group

Posted 31 August 2022

Date: 31 Aug 2022

Type: FSRH News and Information

We celebrate Dr Rebecca French, who is stepping down after five exceedingly successful years as Chair of the FSRH Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Group (formerly the FSRH Clinical Research Group (CSG)).

When Rebecca joined the group in 2017 as Chair, the group had not met for a number of years. She has worked tirelessly to restore energy and productivity to the Group and under her leadership, the group has gone from strength to strength. She has nurtured an extraordinary solidarity and collegiality among its members. This is reflected in their extensive collaboration on a range of research projects launched under the aegis of the CSG, including the NIHR SACHA Study and, the PHE Reproductive Health Tracking Survey, and the RCOG Abortion stigma and provider’s study.

One of her goals has been to increase the presence of the CSG within and outside the faculty and thereby foster partnerships amongst those interested in SRH research, including those within clinical practice and from other disciplines. The CSG has widened its membership and now offers proposal reviews for those submitting grant and fellowship applications.

Among these were:

  • NATSAL-4
  • SACHA Study
  • Supporting Pregnancy prevention, planning and care for women with problematic drug and alcohol use
  • Histories of Sexual Health in Britain, 1918-1980
  • What do care-leavers need to support their sexual and reproductive health during their transition to independence
  • Barriers to Remote Contraceptive Service Uptake among Women in England: Implications for inequalities in women’s reproductive health
  • The clinical and cost-effectiveness of desogestrel for problem bleeding on the etonogestrel contraceptive implant: a randomised placebo-controlled trial with economic and acceptability evaluations (DEBI).

We are extremely grateful to Rebecca for all of her hard work and incredible time commitment she has given to the faculty. Our huge thanks to her for five brilliant years as Chair, we are all very pleased that she will remain as a member of the FSRH Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Group going forwards.