Committee Chair Spotlight

Posted 15 May 2024

Date: 15 May 2024

Type: FSRH News and Information

Our committees are the foundation of our organisation, as it is here decisions and developments are made that directly influence the lives and learning journeys of our members. You asked about the benefits of joining our committees, and we listened.

Who better to discuss the benefits of contributing to the wider sexual health community through committee involvement than those already involved?  
We are honoured to introduce you to Antje Ischebeck, Associate Specialist in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, and Qualifications & Assessments Committee Lead. Antje kindly agreed to be interviewed to share her experiences. Please find Antje’s response to what inspired her to join our committees below. We trust it will inspire you too: 

Q: What inspired your decision to join a Committee? 

20 years ago, a lovely administrator colleague in the Faculty approached me and encouraged me to apply for the Diploma (DFSRH) Trainee position on Council. Just writing the application was daunting, but I was supported, and I was elected and served for 3 years and really enjoyed it. This was the beginning of my “FSRH” career, as since then I have always sat on or led committees. My friend had given me the confidence that everyone in the faculty is lovely and not scary, and although at times much more experienced, were willing to listen to my opinions and take these into consideration. I have learnt so much from my committee members from all walks of life, some have become much more than just FSRH colleagues and some even close friends.  Together, have moved the Faculty forward. 

Q: How has joining a Committee enhanced your working life/personal life?   

Having a varied work life is so important, especially when we know that we shall be working for 40+ years in our careers. It is wonderful to be a ‘mover and shaker’ on a small scale and feel that you can influence change for the next generations of patients and trainees. 

When I started in the FSRH, it was all about doctors only.  It’s great to know that we are so multi-disciplinary now, that there are close ties between primary and secondary care on all levels, and that we work closely with different faculties on various committees, have links to the government to influence policies and work internationally.  

I am proud to know that we are such an inclusive, open-minded Faculty. There have been times when I have wanted to give up, was frustrated etc, but every meeting with someone in the FSRH admin team or a committee meeting resets my focus and gives me the motivation to continue for a worthy cause (18 years….so something is clearly motivating me!)   

Personally, I donate to charity, but working for the FSRH, which is a charity, is part of my practical work for a charity. I could spend hours helping in charity shops but can probably do more good with the clinical experience I have gained over the years by supporting the life changing educational and policy work the FSRH does. 

Get involved with our committees here, today! 

Interested in steering the direction of current and future FSRH qualifications and courses? Got ideas for how we can further support our trainers, candidates and learners? Looking for an opportunity to work collaboratively with other FSRH members and have a lasting impact on SRH education?  

If you have an interest in using and developing your own educational expertise then joining our committees will be a great opportunity.  

Each of our 3 Professional Learning and Development committees provides its own opportunities to be involved in supporting SRH education, whether that be through focussing on courses, qualifications, assessments, or the way which training is designed and delivered. This is an exciting time with various roles available across the different committees so if you would like to be involved, we would love to hear from you!  

Find out more information on the roles available and on how to apply.