Celebrating the Work of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Clinical Effectiveness Unit (Chalmers)

Posted 4 January 2024

Date: 04 Jan 2024

Type: FSRH News and Information

Our FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) underpins the vital clinical resources you depend upon every day to deliver outstanding sexual and reproductive healthcare to those who need it most.   

Based at the Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh, via a contract to NHS Lothian, the FSRH CEU has delivered this outstanding service for nine years, originally directed by Sharon Cameron and Ailsa Gebbie with Sarah Hardman as the Deputy Director, and I was delighted to personally highlight their achievements at our Annual Conference in December.   

From 23rd January 2024, the CEU’s work will be relocated to the FSRH offices, continuing the highest possible standards of clinical support that is so deeply valued by you, our members.  

However, before this move we want to pay tribute to the incredible contribution of the team at the Chalmers Centre, highlighting the pivotal role they have played in shaping the landscape of reproductive healthcare, contributing significantly to the standards, guidelines, resources, and research in clinical effectiveness, research, and education.  

Dr Helen Munro resized

"I’m so pleased to have been able to work alongside the team at the Chalmers Centre.  Their knowledge, skills and dedication to delivering excellence have been unsurpassed and their contribution to the field of SRH simply cannot be commended highly enough.”  

Helen Munro, FSRH Vice President – Clinical Quality  

Leaders in their field 

We would like to individually thank the team at NHS Lothian for their expertise and dedication in the production and maintenance of our outstanding library of standards and guidance and enabling key member benefits.  

The FSRH records its thanks to the entire team:  

  • Sarah Hardman Co-director  
  • Chelsea Morroni Co-director  
  • Katie Boog Co-director  
  • Claire Nicol Deputy director  
  • Ellen Adams Clinical fellow  
  • Ashley Jefferies Clinical fellow  
  • Cat Carver Medical researcher  
  • Eric Chen Senior researcher  
  • Helen Carrington-Riebicke Administrator  

A Global Influence  

The CEU’s influence extends far beyond the UK, making significant contributions to global healthcare initiatives. By collaborating with international partners, the unit has facilitated the exchange of knowledge and best practices, contributing to the improvement of sexual and reproductive healthcare on a global scale, with its outputs looked to as the ‘gold standard’ in sexual and reproductive healthcare by clinicians around the world.  

“CEU at Chalmers would like to say goodbye. As you are aware, on the 23rd of January 2024, the FSRH CEU at Chalmers hands over to the new London based FSRH CEU team.    

We would just like to say that it has been our great privilege to run the FSRH CEU for the past nine years. We have worked hard to bring you robust, evidence-based guidance products and we have innovated to make SRH guidance both accessible and useful and we are really proud of what our team has achieved.    

Thank you all for the support and collegiality you have shown us over the years.    

Best of luck to the new CEU team.”    

CEU team at Chalmers

Looking to the future  

As we celebrate the outgoing FSRH CEU team, we also mark the arrival of our new CEU team, led by Dr Rebecca Strauss, Clinical Director and an FSRH member, and Sarah Willet, Head of CEU, previously an Associate Director at NICE, who will lead the move of the unit to London, continuing the excellence in delivery for which the CEU is well known.  

Ensuring the continuity of the same great standards, guidelines and support that you need is our top priority, and we look forward to continuing the great work of the CEU in 2024 and beyond, with a full introduction to the new team coming very soon. 

ceu team

Finally, our thanks again to the team at NHS Lothian for their incredible work. 

Dr Janet Barter – FSRH President