Black History Month 2023

Posted 2 October 2023

Date: 02 Oct 2023

Type: FSRH News and Information

In this year's Black History Month, we highlight the importance of acknowledging and elevating the experiences and contributions of the Black community in the field of sexual and reproductive healthcare.

In line with this year’s Black History Month theme of 'Saluting our Sisters', we recognise the importance of amplifying and celebrating Black women's achievements within sexual and reproductive healthcare. We invite our members and all dedicated SRH advocates to engage in this vital conversation and partner with us on our mission to ensure inclusivity and excellent standards in sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Below we’ve listed a variety of resources and activities that align with the FSRH Hatfield Vision. Read on to find out about our recent campaign work and how you can get involved.



Black Voices on Contraception:

"Black Voices on Contraception" is an insightful video series we crafted in collaboration with Dr Shardia Briscoe-Palmer, University College London eHealth Unit, and Decolonising Contraception. It amplifies the experiences of Black individuals navigating contraceptive methods, set against the backdrop of systemic racism that erodes trust and informed choice. With the Black community facing pronounced health disparities in the UK, especially in reproductive care, this project shines a light on the challenges posed by societal views, healthcare anxieties, and racial discrimination. The series underscores the pressing need for better representation, understanding, and a genuinely patient-centred approach in sexual and reproductive healthcare.

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Tackling racism: Introduction

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has developed a free online workplace behaviour and skills course on Tackling Racism. This 6-part course provides an outline on what constitutes racism, why we need to address it, differential attainment, the impacts of racism on lived experience and opportunities, and what we can do together to tackle racism. 

To access this course, you need to register for a free eLearning account with RCOG. 

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Clap back on the Contraceptive Patch Campaign:

Reproductive Justice introduces the "Clap Back on the Contraceptive Patch" campaign, advocating for a more inclusive contraception patch available in diverse skin tones. The current patch's tone often makes it conspicuous on darker skin, limiting its discretion and appeal. We champion everyone's right to comprehensive contraceptive options and support efforts to enhance the patch's usability. Join us as we voice this concern, striving for accessibility in reproductive choices for all.

Read more about the campaign here.

Hatfield Vision Goals:

The FSRH Hatfield Vision champions an inclusive approach to reproductive health, especially for historically marginalised communities.

  • Goal 15. By 2030, widespread reproductive health disparities, particularly in maternal health outcomes, experienced by black women and women of colour as well as women and girls from Asian and minority ethnic groups, are significantly reduced.
  • Goal 16. Information is easily available to support women and girls in making decisions about their own reproductive health, ranging from signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers to where to access support and care, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, disability, postcode, socioeconomic status, levels of literacy or religious belief.


Get Involved

Write to Your MP:

By writing to your Member of Parliament, you can make a tangible difference. We've crafted a template to help you communicate your concerns and hopes around contraception care. Add your voice to the chorus calling for change.

View our guide and download our template to write a letter to your MP

Spread the Word:

Knowledge is a tool for empowerment. Share our resources, campaigns, and stories on your social platforms. Encourage dialogue, spark a discussion, and ensure that this month, and every month after, the legacy of the Black community is celebrated and uplifted.

Support our Hatfield Vision mission by downloading our social media card and use hashtag #FSRH_HatfieldVision

Join us on our journey this Black History Month. Your voice, your story, and your advocacy can shape the future.