BASHH, BHIVA and FSRH mentoring scheme – now open to SAS doctors

Posted 18 July 2018

Date: 18 Jul 2018

Type: FSRH News and Information

Sign up as a mentee or mentor in a joint BASHH, BHIVA and FSRH mentoring scheme open to specialty trainees, consultants and SAS doctors.

We’re pleased to be supporting the BASHH,  BHIVA and FSRH mentoring scheme which supports trainees, consultants and SAS doctors. 

A mentor can help provide an opportunity for you to reflect and develop your career aspirations and priorities. The mentoring period offered is 18 months, and mentors are experienced consultants and SAS doctors who have had specific training. 

This scheme is open to FSRH members, including:

  • Specialty trainees within 6 months of their CCT
  • New consultants (within 18 months of their first post)
  • Consultants returning to work after a significant career break
  • Established consultants who are undergoing a period of change (for example, as a result of tendering of services) who believe they may benefit from having a mentor
  • SAS doctors at any stage of their career; this includes co-mentoring.

View further details and find out how to apply.

Interested in becoming a mentor?
Mentoring offers a number of self-development opportunities. To apply you must have worked at your current grade (SAS or consultant) for 5 years and have undergone training in mentoring. You need to be empathic and willing to give your time to support and guide a colleague who may benefit from your experience.

Find out more about becoming a mentor.