Academy of Medical Royal Colleges statement on SAS doctors

Posted 8 December 2021

Date: 08 Dec 2021

Type: FSRH News and Information

Our FSRH SAS doctor lead Sophie Nicholls comments on a newly released statement by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges promoting the SAS doctor career pathway.

The SAS Committee of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has recently published a document entitled “SAS – a viable career choice’.

This paper recognises the large diverse group of skilled doctors working in SAS grades and is pertinent to our SAS doctors working within SRH.

It discusses the new SAS contract including eligibility criteria for specialty doctor posts and the new specialist doctor grade. It also highlights the opportunities that SAS doctors should have access to for career progression and development, education, support and mentoring alongside recognition of the important role they play in their chosen specialties.

It also sets out recommendations to Colleges and Faculties, Educational bodies, the GMC and NHS Trusts as to how SAS doctors could and should be better supported in their roles.

The FSRH are already actively working on how they can better support their SAS Doctors through engagement with the AoMRC. We are currently updating the guidelines for the appointment of specialty doctors, specialist doctors and Consultant posts alongside thinking of ways in which we can support you all.


Read the statement