FSRH Position Statement on Emergency Contraception

Our Beliefs

FSRH believes emergency contraception is an essential part of sexual and reproductive healthcare and that individuals, including under-18s, must have full access to free emergency contraception at time and place of need. While emergency contraception is free in some places in England, many will choose to access it in pharmacies where cost and opening times vary considerably. We also believe that individuals should have access to evidence-based information about the effectiveness and safety of all methods of emergency contraception, especially the most effective method, the emergency intrauterine device (IUD). 

Our Vision

FSRH supports the provision of free, easily-accessible emergency contraception without harassment or stigma across the UK. Provision should include signposting and referral for emergency intrauterine contraception and to other ongoing methods of contraception. Consultations with pharmacists are highly recommended and best practice as this is a valuable opportunity for individuals to discuss their contraceptive needs with a healthcare professional. However, a consultation should not be a barrier to receiving emergency contraception.