New FSRH Diploma - Information for Candidates

Our new FSRH Diploma is due to open for applications in Spring 2020. Here are links to some frequently asked questions and key dates you need to know. You can also read our news story


Current Diploma


Last date a Course of 5 can be run

13 December 2019

Last date an e-portfolio will be issued

13 December 2019

Last date a trainee can apply for a DFSRH based on the current criteria

12 March 2021

Current Diploma closes

31 March 2021


New Diploma


eSRH update

Spring 2020

Open to enrolment

Spring 2020

 Read FAQs about the new Diploma

FAQs about the new FSRH Diploma for candidates



Read FAQs for members who have completed the current FSRH Diploma

FAQs for membership who have completed the FSRH Diploma



Read FAQs for candidates working towards our current FSRH Diploma Qualification

 FAQs for current Candidates