Information for lapsed members of FSRH

We understand your circumstances may change over time. Below are your options if you want to reinstate your membership with us. 

I'd like to re-join the FSRH, what do I need to do?

If your membership has lapsed and you would like to re-join FSRH, you will be required to pay back your 'missing' years (at the current rate) to ensure you have continuous membership which is required for recertifying your Diploma, Letter of Competence, or MFSRH qualification. 

Read more about membership here.

If your membership has lapsed, this means that you will no longer receive your membership benefits, and you will not be reminded of any recertification dates, if you hold a FSRH qualification. 

Read more about our member benefits here. 

To re-join 

Please submit a ticket with your contact details and our customer support team will be in touch. 

You can read our Membership Terms and Conditions here. 

I think I'm entitled to a reduced subscription, how do I claim this and how much is it?

There are number of circumstances that might mean you are entitled to a reduced subscription rate. For instance, if you:

  • are a current or lapsed FSRH member on maternity, paternity, and adoption leave
  • are a current or lapsed FSRH member and have an income annually of £25,478 PA or less (from all income sources)
  • are a current or lapsed FSRH member and you have a long-term illness.

To apply for reduced membership, please log in to MyFSRH, select the Payments and Receipts tile, and complete the Reduced Income Declaration Form. We will be in touch once your application has been approved to confirm your reduced rate and to advise you on how to pay.

If you wish to claim a reduced subscription for previous years (up to five years) please contact us to let us know.

Please read our Membership Fee FAQ to view reduced rates for 2024

Reduced subscription rates are only available to members with a Diploma, Letter of Competence, or MFSRH qualification.

I'm retiring from practice, what are my options?

Are you a current FSRH member and due to retire from practice soon?

If you are a current FSRH Member, Diplomate, Associate, Affiliate or Fellow of FSRH and you are retiring from all paid practice, you might like to know more about our retired membership option. The annual cost for 2024 is £65.

Members who retired on the grounds of ill health, regardless of age, and will not be returning to any paid employment can also apply.

Find out more about our retired membership option here.

I need to pay my membership subscription for 2023, how can I do this?

If you have forgotten to pay your 2023 membership subscription, the only option to pay this now is via bank transfer* 

Please ensure you enter your membership number/ID as the reference, otherwise we cannot track your payment to add it to your membership record. 

FSRH details for bank transfer

Bank Name: CAF Bank Ltd
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account No. 00022134
Account name: Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
*Your membership will automatically lapse if payment is not made by November 2023, and you will be liable to back-pay membership fees at our current rate if you wish to re-join FSRH; you will also need to renew your subscription for the upcoming year.  

I'm a lapsed FSRH member and I want to recertify my qualification, what should I do?

FSRH Council believes that membership of the FSRH – and therefore access to the latest clinical guidance, standards, Journal, CPD questions and regular updates – is an important part of the recertification process. 

Recertification is one of our member benefits and free to current FSRH members.  

Recertification helps you to: 

  • demonstrate the learning outcomes achieved from your qualification(s) have been maintained 
  • show you have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviour needed to provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care (SRH) 
  • meet the requirements of commissioners, who often require clinicians to have certified qualifications 

If your membership has lapsed and you would like to re-join FSRH, you will be required to pay back your 'missing' years at our current rate to ensure you have continuous membership which is required for recertifying your primary qualification. 

You can easily do this by contacting us. We can take payment by phone using a debit or credit card, it will take a few minutes to do this for you. 

You can also pay a one-off recertification fee for our Letters of Competence (LoC) qualification. This is £400 per LoC.  

Read more about the recertification requirements of our qualifications here. 

If you think you might qualify for a reduced subscription on your back fees, please contact us to find out how to claim.