Supporting SAS Doctors

SAS doctors (Specialty doctors, Associate Specialists and Staff grades including trust grades and other locally appointed doctors) play a significant role in the delivery of clinical services in the NHS. SAS doctors usually enter the grade with a minimum of four years’ clinical experience after medical school but, often have many more years, possibly even decades, of experience to contribute. They bring a wealth of clinical knowledge to our health service. This page provides for information for SAS doctors on career progression and CESR application as well as upcoming conferences. 

Dr Nicky Morgan is FSRH's SAS Lead sitting on Council to represent SAS doctors in the SRH workforce.

If you are interested in promoting the role of SAS doctors within the Faculty contact Nicky Morgan SAS Doctor Lead 

Read Nicky Morgan's blog on how she will be supporting and representing SAS doctors for FSRH


FSRH Qualifications for SAS Doctors

FSRH Qualifications


FSRH offers SAS Doctors two routes for training and education:

1. The FSRH Membership Exam route (or MFSRH).

2. This webpage has information on funding, applying for a grant and undertaking the training for CESR - The Curriculum for the new specialty of Community Sexual and Reproductive Health. This programme has been approved by the Postgraduate Medical Education Board (PMETB) now merged with the General Medical council (GMC).  

If you are interested in having a mentor or help gaining research/Public health experience, contact the SAS Doctor Lead (Nicky Morgan) at



Events relevant to SAS Doctors

Events for SAS Doctors


There is one upcoming event for SAS Doctors. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. 

The BASHH SAS Conference - This will be held on 7/8 September 2018 at Keele University. Read more here


Useful links for SAS Doctors

Useful SAS Links


There are resources available for SAS Doctors and below you find a list of useful links and information on a variety of topics.

SAS Charter

A new charter for specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors in England sets out what SAS doctors and employers can expect from each other. The document has been agreed by the British Medical Association, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, HEE and NHS Employers.

Health Careers

The Health careers website offers some specific information on SAS doctors career information. 

BMA information on SAS Committee and related information on CESR application, development funding and guidance on job planning SPA allowance. 


Wales Deanery SAS page

Scotland Deanery SAS page