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"Being part of the FSRH is being a part of a community who feel passionately about improving sexual and reproductive healthcare in the UK." 


Kate Shakeshaft, Diplomate Member, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Contraception and Sexual Health, took the new nurses Diploma in 2015.

Diploma Candidates What’s important about the Diploma is that it standardises and regulates contraception training across the board. For patients this means improved contraceptive choices, consultations and improved access to the different methods available, wherever they live in the UK.

I think it’s essential for nurses to be developed and motivated: it means they can work much more interactively with doctors.

Historically women would have gone to their GP and may only have been offered the pill without much discussion around contraceptive options, one of the reasons for this is the limited amount of time GPs have available. A practice nurse can often have more capacity in the surgery to spend the time required, particularly with young or vulnerable patients, to discuss contraception and sexual health.

I hope nurses will now feel better equipped to take on a lot more of the contraception in general practice especially, as we are now introducing the SRH Essentials course, and adding another training pathway for nurses.

I am extremely fortunate to have recently been invited to sit on the FSRH General Training committee, it’s great to be acknowledged for my skills, and I’ve felt very welcomed. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of some great doctors who have recognised the value nurses can add to this field. 

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Dr Christina Helen Munro, Specialty Grade Doctor, took the Letters of Competence (SDI and IUT), Diploma, the FSRH membership exam and trained to become a Faculty Registered Trainer via Keele University and FSRH Postgraduate Course in Medical Education.

Since joining the FSRH as a GP registrar over ten years ago I have completed many of the special skills modules and the DFSRH and most recently the MFSRH. I feel the quality of training and governance provided by the FSRH is of a very high standard, and the qualifications internationally recognised. The training has been very important to my changing job roles and showing my competency in SRH. 

Being part of the FSRH is being a part of a community who feel passionately about improving sexual and reproductive healthcare in the UK. As a member I feel that I have a voice to be able to discuss the things that I feel are important in our specialist field and a forum in which to raise concerns about the struggles we are facing at a local level. 

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