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 What are my membership benefits?

Clinical Guidance and Support:

Members Evidence Request - How to access it and submit your request

Icon for DiplomatesIcon for AssociatesIcon for MembershipIcon for FellowThe Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU) provides an evidence-based enquiry service for FSRH members. The CEU will conduct a literature review and summarise the available evidence in relation to a particular medical condition and/or contraceptive method.

The FSRH CEU has produced a quick guide on conducting systematic literature reviews to answer clinical questions (log in to access the guide). This brief and easy-to-use guide aims to support FSRH members to conduct a systematic literature search/review to answer clinical enquiries they may have. The process described in this guidance is adapted from the process used by the FSRH CEU when responding to enquiries made via the members evidence request service.

How do I access the Members Evidence Request?

You can log into our website any time and search the database of queries to find what you are looking for. The video below shows you how to access this Members only resource.

Clinical Guidance and Support for FSRH Members

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The Clinical Effectiveness Committee oversees FSRH’s Clinical Effectiveness Unit (CEU), which works to promote evidence-based clinical practice. The unit has 4 main work streams: evidence-based guidance (including the review and update of the UK Medical Eligibility Criteria); members’ evidence request; new product reviews and clinical audit/research.

Clinical Guidance

FSRH's Clinical Standards are applicable to individual clinicians, as well as those managing or commissioning SRH services. They are designed to ensure high quality patient care is delivered as standard and are built upon available clinical evidence and best practice examples. Auditable outcomes are integrated within the standards for practicable application and benchmarking.

Clinical Standards

Our FSRH training hub also hosts documents for FSRH members and candidates to further support your CPD.



CPD Opportunities:

Webinars for FSRH members and candidates - free on demand

Icon for FellowIcon for DiplomatesIcon for AssociatesIcon for MembershipIcon for AffiliatesOur Previously recorded FSRH Webinars are free for FSRH members and candidates.


Current FSRH members and candidates can log in to access previous webinar recordings any time. Click on 'Access Resources' once you are logged in to view the previously recorded webinars for free.

Who are the webinars for?

  • GPs
  • SRH consultants
  • SAS doctors
  • Nurses
  • Community pharmacists
  • Midwives

What are the webinars about?

Our webinars have covered new releases of updated clinical guidance and include topics such as:

  • Combined Hormonal  Contaception
  • Emergency Contraception
  • Contraception for Women aged over 40
  • Quick Starting Contraception
  • Drug interactions with Hormonal Contraception
  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
  • Overweight, Obesity and Contraception
"I found the Webinar easy to access and the content was delivered at the right level of understanding. All speakers spoke clearly and were very informative. I find the case studies very useful."

Online Access to BMJ SRH - our quarterly peer-reviewed journal

Icon for RetiredIcon for FellowIcon for AffiliatesIcon for DiplomatesIcon for AssociatesIcon for MembershipFSRH’s online edition of the BMJ SRH is available free to some FSRH members through our website. 

BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health is an international journal that promotes evidence-informed practice for contraception, abortion and all aspects of sexual and reproductive health. The journal publishes research papers, topical debates and commentaries to shape policy, improve patient-centred clinical care, and to set the stage for future areas of research.
Jointly owned by the FSRH and BMJ, the journal will continue to be published quarterly in print and online and distributed to eligible FSRH members. Members also have access to the full online archive of Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

Articles are relevant and informative for SRH professionals or individuals interested in learning more about the subject. If you are interested in submitting an article for publication, please see the author guidelines.


For members - Free recertification of your qualification

Icon for DiplomatesIcon for AssociatesIcon for MembershipIcon for FellowIf you hold our MFSRH, our Diploma (DFSRH) and/or our Letters of Competence in Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Techniques (LoC SDI) or our Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT), we require recertification of these qualifcations every five years.

This is to ensure that you have developed and maintained the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour needed to provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care (SRH).

As a member you can recertify free of charge, as this is a benefit included in your annual membership fee. 

However, you must have paid your membership fee continuously for the five years leading up to recertifying. 

Member access to our events and partner events

Icon for FellowIcon for DiplomatesIcon for AssociatesIcon for MembershipIcon for AffiliatesWe offer member discounts to our events and conferences. 

We also record these events as webinars and make them available on demand after they have taken place. You can see these on our access resources section of our FSRH Training Hub .

Getting Involved: 

Get involved in FSRH elections and committees

Getting involved in our work can really benefit your professional development by providing you with leadership opportunities in our education work and our Council. It also enables you to hear from and network with other SRH professionals.

Our vacancies are regularly advertised in member e-bulletins and on our news section of our website.

Ways to get more involved with our work

  • Standing for representative seats on FSRH Council and casting votes for representative seats at Council  is open to Fellows, Members, Diplomates.
  • Sitting on FSRH is open to all membership types: Fellows, Members, Diplomates, Associates, Affiliates and Retired members.