FSRH Webinars for Healthcare Professionals

FSRH Webinars are free for FSRH members, log in to access them now. Click on 'My Webinars' to watch on demand or register for upcoming webinars.


Who are the webinars for?

  • GPs
  • SRH consultants
  • SAS doctors
  • Nurses
  • Community pharmacists
  • Midwives

Webinar Programme 2019

 More information coming soon.



Previously Recorded Webinars

With a mixture of presentations, case studies, interactive voting and Q&A sessions, our webinars will ensure that you are able to participate in the discussions, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of how the latest clinical guidance will impact and inform your practice.


How much do the Webinars cost?

Our webinars are free to FSRH members. Please log in and navigate to 'My FSRH' to see the webinars for free or register for an upcoming webinar.


For non-members the fees are below: 

  • Non FSRH member, GMC registered - £30 to participate or to download after the event. 
  • Non FSRH member, not GMC registered - £10 to participate or to download after the event.
  • Commercial rate - £199 to participate or to download after the event.

Register to join a webinar as a non-member now.

“I already have recommended it to my colleagues - I am not IT literate and this was my first attempt and I was pleased with how easy it was” – UKMEC Webinar Participant. 

How do the webinars work?

Each webinar (which you will need a pc/laptop/tablet with sound capability, and an internet connection to access) will last for 60 minutes.
At any time during the presentation, you will have the opportunity to type and submit your questions to our presenters.

If your questions are not answered during the webinar, we will ensure that we will post any outstanding responses on our website at www.fsrh.org
If you cannot attend the webinar the recording will be available afterwards to replay at your convenience.

“For Doctors who don't live in major cities it's hard to get to meetings, and we don't want to get all our CPD from online learning modules - Webinars like this bridge the gap” -  – UKMEC Webinar Participant

How do I register to join the webinars? Read more here and register to join an upcoming webinar. 


"I found the Webinar easy to access and the content was delivered at the right level of understanding. All speakers spoke clearly and were very informative. I find the case studies very useful."


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