About Retired Membership of FSRH

Are you a current FSRH member and due to retire from practice soon?

If you are currently an FSRH Member, Diplomate, Associate, Affiliate or Fellow of FSRH and you are retiring from practice, you might like to know more about our retired membership option. The annual 2020 cost is just £54. 

Please note that retired FSRH membership option is only open to existing FSRH members.

Retired membership enables you to stay in touch with the world of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. You will still receive many of the same benefits that you previously received under your former membership type with a few key differences.

As a retired member you would continue to receive:

  • our BMJ SRH in the post,
  • full access to our webinars,
  • full access to clinical guidance
  • regular membership e-newsletters

You can also apply to sit on FSRH committees. 

Please note as a retired member you can no longer recertify your FSRH qualifications. We occasionally have members that retire, leave the FSRH but do end up returning to work for a period and want to recertify their qualifications. In that instance you would need to pay back any missing years of the Fellowship fee as we have a continuous membership policy. 

As a retired member you would also no longer have access to our Members Evidence Request service. You would also be ineligible to vote in Council elections or stand for a seat on our Council.

Does this sound like a good option that better suits your situation? If so, please call us on 020 7724 5534 to ask to change your membership type or email us on info@fsrh.org with any questions you might have.