FSRH Membership

FSRH Membership entitles you to a range of benefits that will support your ongoing professional development. The table below offers an at-a-glance breakdown of the benefits available to you once you join us as a member.


To start your membership journey, please click on the orange 'Register' button at the top right of the website.


 FSRH Membership Fees Details 

Not sure which type of FSRH Membership to apply for? 

Some of our membership categories are directly linked to achieving one of our qualifications. Click the blue links below to see more information about our qualifications (an annual fee is payable to maintain your membership):

  • Diplomate member (DFSRH) - GMC registered doctors and NMC registered nurses who have completed our Diploma training become Diplomate members.
  • Member (MFSRH) - Doctors who complete the FSRH Membership exams become a Member (MFSRH) of FSRH.
  • Associate membership - Open to any GMC or NMC qualified individual who has completed one or both Letters of Competence

Some of our membership categories are open to specific groups or individuals and are not related to qualifications (an annual fee is payable to maintain your membership):


  • Retired membership - If you are a member of the FSRH and you have now retired, you can continue to stay informed about our work by becoming a retired member. Please contact us and we can change your membership category.
  • Affiliate membership - Open to all those with an interest in sexual and reproductive health who do not hold an FSRH qualification. International applicants are welcome to become Affiliate member. Affiliate members may or may not be medically qualified.
    Please click on the orange 'Register' button at the top right of the website now to start the registration process, the final screen during registration will offer you the opportunity to confirm your affiliate membership. 

Membership Fees

Ceasing of Direct Debit discount – 2019
Following a change by the government to the Consumer Rights (Payment surcharges) Regulations in 2018, we can no longer offer the £5 Direct Debit discount. In recognition of this our trustees have agreed that for 2019 all membership fees will remain at the standard rate that was charged in 2018.

If you already have a Direct Debit set up, you do not need to do anything. We will email you as usual with advance notice of taking the Direct Debit in early January 2019 confirming that we will take the money at the end of that month.

Direct Debit remains the easiest way to pay for your membership fees, If you would like to set up a Direct Debit please contact info@fsrh.org to request a form, completed forms need to be received in the post by the FSRH office by Friday 11 January 2019.

Read more about all our membership types and see what our members have to say about us

Membership Benefits Table - Annual Subscription Rates 2019 (Jan-Dec annual membership cycle). 

Members are asked to renew their membership in November/December for the following year (a half-yearly 50% reduced rate is available if joining FSRH as a new member between July-December. If you complete a qualification and join the FSRH from July – December you will be required to pay 50% of the annual membership fee. 

2017/2018 fees can be found at the foot of this webpage.



Diplomate/Nurse Diplomate 






£52 (2019)




Print and Online Benefits of FSRH Membership      

Access to 'MyFSRH', a dedicated online membership portal where you can update your details,  take qualifications and access the online benefits such as the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare. (Register for your account now)

 √  √ √   √

Printed BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare delivered direct to your door quarterly 

 √  √  √  

Full online access to the BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare available within 'MyFSRH' after registration

 √  √  √  √

Members' Evidence Request Service - log in to MY FSRH to view a library of previously asked enquiries and submit your own practice related evidence request to our Clinical Effectiveness Unit. 

 √  √    

Access to live and recorded Webinars linked to the launch of new FSRH Clinical Guidance. 

 √  √ √  √ 

Regular e-Bulletins for members bringing you the latest information on SRH policy and news, and key updates on guidance and standards from our Clinical Effectiveness Unit - login to MY FSRH to manage your Communications Preferences.

 √  √  √ √ 

Events and Training

Discounts to FSRH conferences and training events to support your professional development

 √  √  √  √

5-yearly recertification is included in your annual subscription fee

 √  √  N/A N/A 

Get Involved with FSRH and have your say  

FSRH members can vote in our annual elections to Council 

 √  √    

FSRH members can apply to serve on a committee to support the vision and work of FSRH 


FSRH members can apply for a seat on FSRH Council to advise and offer expertise at a strategic level.



Reduced Subscription Rates - In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a reduced membership fee for the current year:

We offer a 50% reduction on annual membership fees in certain circumstances:

  • Maternity/paternity/adoption leave
  • Long term sickness
  • Those that earn under £23,000 pa

We ask that you submit evidence to support your application. We may ask for more details. 

If you wish to claim a refund on your subscription amount that you have already paid for 2018 earlier in the year, please complete this form: Please click here to fill in the online application form for 2018 Reduced subscription claims.

If you wish to claim a discount on your subscription amount for 2019 (we have recently sent out subscription reminders to all members): Please click here to fill in the online application form for 2019 Reduced subscription claims.

Future years
Should you be eligible for reduced subscriptions the following year or thereafter, you will be required to complete the form on an annual basis.

Income tax relief in respect of annual membership subscriptions.
The Faculty has been approved by the Board of Inland Revenue under section 201 Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 with effect 6th April 1993 under reference SAPPT1644471993JEM dated 30th June 1994.

Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions

Re-joining the FSRH

If your membership has lapsed and you would like to re-join FSRH past the 31 March cut-off date for the current membership year or after one or more years, you will be required to pay back your 'missing' years (up to a capped amount of 5 years) to ensure you have continuous membership which is required for recertifying your primary qualification.

FSRH Council believes that membership of the FSRH – and therefore access to the latest clinical guidance, standards, Journal, CPD questions and regular updates – is an important part of the membership and recertification process. The rules surrounding back payment of subscriptions were tightened up in 2015 by FSRH Council. FSRH is a registered charity and is able to provide its services only through the payment of membership subscriptions.

2017/2018 Fees (1 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2017/2018), , a £5 discount was applicable in previous years if paying by direct debit.

Membership Type

2017/2018 Fees


£210 (2017)

£221 (2018)


£210 (2017)

£221 (2018)

Diplomate/Nurse Diplomate

£99 (2017)

£104 (2018)


£85 (2017)

£89 (2018)


£70 (2017)

£74 (2018)

Retired Members

£48 (2017)

£50 (2018)