Making changes to the Find a Training Programme map

Thank you for taking the time to let us know that the details currently shown on our Find a Training Programme map are incorrect. 

It is the responsibility of the General Training Programme Director to let us know if any details have changed with regard to their Training Programme. For instance, these kinds of details may change:

  • the training programme address,
  • the name of the training programme contact
  • a new or different email address needs to be added

We also are keen to ensure we have the correct Faculty Registered Trainers registered on our systems so that when candidates come to tell us who their trainers are as part of their application process, we have the correct information showing for them on the application form.

The General Training Programme Director can contact us in two ways. We do need to hear directly from the General Training Programme Director, we cannot amend details submitted by Faculty Registered Trainers or Training Programme Administrators (contacts).

1. If it is a straightforward submission of new information that needs updating on the map such as a phone number or email address, you can submit this to us via this survey link. We may contact you to check that the details you have submitted are correct and we will only update the map on the basis of confirmation from a GTPD.

2. You can email us at and we will contact you directly for more information.