Leave us a gift in your will

You can support the future work of the FSRH through a legacy gift. Every gift, large or small, helps FSRH to achieve our vision.

“The FSRH believe that everyone has a right to expect individualised, holistic sexual and reproductive health care throughout their lives.”

Make a difference
We hope that you’ll consider leaving us a legacy donation to support our general areas of work which will enable us to have some flexibility in the use of the funds while meeting your wishes.

Advice for writing your will

We know that writing a will is a very private matter and needs time and consideration. We advise you to read the gov.uk’s website and to seek independent legal advice when writing your will.

We strongly suggest you talk to a solicitor or your legal advisor when writing your will, as our staff are not able to offer specific advice on legacy donations. You can also find useful information on the Money Advice Service website.

Types of legacies

There are different types of legacy gifts including: residual legacy, pecuniary legacy, specific legacy, revisionary legacy and donations in memory. We recommend that you seek legal advice from your solicitor to make sure that your gift is used in the way that you envisage to support FSRH’s work.

What do I do now if I’d like to leave FSRH a legacy in my will?

Talk to your next of kin and your solicitor first if you are keen to leave us a legacy donation. This will help make sure you are clear on what your options are.

Once you have done this, you can revise your will accordingly. FSRH does not have a dedicated legacy giving team, but you can also contact us on 020 7724 5534 or by email to info@fsrh.org to ask any further questions.

Further resources for writing a will and leaving a legacy

We are unable to offer you legal advice on your will, but have listed some resources below that could help with this:

UK.Gov website information on leaving charity gifts in your will

Remember a charity website – how to leave a gift in your will

Money Advice Service website