Advice for women seeking contraception, abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are the leading education and training body for doctors and nurses who provide contraception and other sexual and reproductive health services.

We have prepared advice for women seeking to obtain contraception, abortion, and other forms of sexual and reproductive healthcare during the second waves in the UK. This advice was updated on 9th February 2021.
Our new guide provides advice for women who need contraception and abortion during the Covid-19 pandemic
We want to ensure that people of all ages have access to effective contraception during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to help avoid unplanned pregnancies, and have timely access to emergency contraception and abortion services if they need them.

Our earlier advice for accessing healthcare during lockdown can be accessed here. Please bear in mind that this advice was written in April 2020, and it should be read together with our updated advice.