Employers paying on behalf of employees for FSRH qualifications

The purpose of this form is to enable Trust staff to raise an invoice(s) for payment of FSRH qualifications for their staff working in their trust.

Please fill in all fields on the form below to submit the necessary information to FSRH to support your trust making one or more payments for staff to undertake FSRH qualifications.

In order for our finance department to quickly action your request, we need the following details from you:

  • Your name and your contact details
  • The name of the contact person with whom we can communicate at the trust
  • The name of your Trust or Practice
  • The email address of the main contact at the trust, we will make contact with them on receipt of your request
  • The name of the qualification or items you wish to be invoiced for 
  • The invoice address (accounts payable)
  • A purchase order number (only if your trust requires one)


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