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All requests for using any FSRH published work should be submitted via our online form below. Please complete all parts of the attached form which will then be forwarded to the relevant group for final decision.

Please note that upon receipt of full information required to make assess the request, you should receive a decision within 10 working days.

Using our materials in a clinical setting is not restricted

Please note there is no restriction on our materials for the purposes listed below. 

  • To support and inform your day-to-day clinical work,
  • For personal use for revision for exams or study purposes, or to show to patients in a clinical setting

Using our Materials for other purposes

However, if you wish to use the our published materials to present at a conference event, or to support the delivery of study courses in the form of printed or digital course materials, we would ask that you seek copyright approval from us beforehand. If you are a commercial organisation benefiting financially from using our materials, we may charge you for the use, will we confirm this when we contact you.

Please fill in the form below if this describes your situation.

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