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Part One: Principal Trainer's Details and Training Centre Details

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Part Two: Confirmation on achievements of FSRH Minimum Standards for Principal Trainers - Abortion Care

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I confirm that I meet the FSRH's minimum standards for Principal Trainers and I am able to provide training as described in the FSRH Special Skills Module 'Abortion Care' in the following blocks (tick as many as appropriate).

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Part Three: Teaching Qualifications - Abortion Care

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Part Four: Confirmation of Training

There are two routes into becoming an SSM trainer that we will recognise:

Option One:

  • Confirm that you have been trained in assessment methodology and feedback

Option Two:

If you have not completed any of these we will ask you to confirm whether you have worked through the following three modules:

  • Structured assessment of Clinical competence
  • Workplace based assessments
  • Teacher’s Toolbox: Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback
Option One: I confirm that I have been trained in methodology and feedback.
Option Two: I confirm completion of these three modules:
Part Five: Data Protection Statement and Confirmation - Abortion Care

I confirm that I meet the Faculty minimum standards for Principal Trainers and I am able to provide training as described in the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Special Skills Module ‘Abortion Care’


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Part Six: Publication of Details on our 'Find a Trainer' Map - Abortion Care

We ask all special skills trainers to confirm whether they are happy to have their contact details given on our 'Find a Trainer' map. This map is available on the FSRH website for candidates to search for trainers.

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