Application for a grant to assist with CESR - Open to any Diploma/Member/Fellow of the FSRH

The FSRH has a small amount of money originally given to us by the Department of Health (DH) for ‘top up’ funds for doctors wishing to do SRH training. We have agreed with the DH that this money can now be used to provide financial assistance to doctors working towards SRH Consultant eligibility via the CESR route.

Applications will be reviewed by the Chair of the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC), the Vice President, Strategy and the Chair of the Assessment and Curriculum Committee, using the criteria set out below.

Grants will be awarded of up to £5,000 per applicant. You are not eligible to apply for a second grant if you have already been awarded one.


  • Current Member/Fellow/Diplomate of the FSRH (subscription fully paid).
  • Registered with the GMC. 
  • Close to applying for a CESR in SRH (aiming to apply within the next 24 months).
  • Finding it difficult to complete all the training needed to complete the CESR curriculum without financial assistance.
  • Clear plan for what you would use the financial assistance for – able to describe which parts of the curriculum this would enable you to complete and to what timescale. 
  • Not had a previous successful application to this fund.

PLEASE NOTE that successfully applying for this fund will have no bearing on the outcome of your CESR as this is decided by the GMC.


Please apply by filling in the on-line form below. You will receive an immediate notification of receipt and the FSRH will make a decision and inform you of it within 4 weeks of your application date.

In the form you will need to outline briefly your progress so far in meeting the CESR curriculum and what else you need.

If you would like a copy of your responses (which can be useful, should you apply for other things in the future), please add your email address in the relevant field at the bottom of this form. 

The information you have shared on this form will be used by the relevant FSRH Committee and FSRH staff for the purposes of administration only. FSRH will keep this information securely on our systems. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.

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