408 Sheffield Fund Application Form

Applicants for the 408 Application should read the following information before submitting their application online

Applicants should meet the following criteria

a) be doctors/nurses/or others working in field of Sexual and Reproductive Health
b) be working in full or part-time in the NHS or charitable sector
c) or medical students attending medical school in the UK.

Other rules

a) Applicants will not be considered if they have received funding from the 4-0-8 fund within the three years prior to the meeting being applied for.
b) As the committee only meets on three occasions a year, applications will be considered when submitted by these dates: 

  • Friday 2 February 2018
  • Friday 1 June 2018
  • Friday 24 August 2018

c) Funding will only be provided for attendance at meetings deemed by the Events Committee to be relevant NB. For the purpose of clarity this does not include a degree or diploma course or any other courses leading to an academic award.
d) Funding can be used towards the cost of registration and travel. Applications may include the cost of accommodation but payment will be at the discretion of the Events Committee.

The application form will ask you to submit all of the following details, please ensure you have this information to hand before you start to fill in the online form

  • summary of current work, the main employer and the relevance of the meeting
  • the meeting for which funding is applied
  • other sponsorships applied/expected for this event
  • details of meetings and educational events attended in the previous 24 months. Sources of funding must be declared
  • details of study leave allowance provided by the applicant’s employer and the reason why the employer is not providing funding for the meeting in question
  • declaration that the applicant is in full time or part time employment within the NHS or charitable sector

Within 3 months of attending the event, you will be asked to provide the following information by email to FSRH

  • a certificate of attendance
  • a receipts confirming that they have paid fees and travel/accommodation costs
  • incurred
  • a declaration of sources of funding for the meeting
  • a summary of the meeting of approximately 10 key bullet points

Payments will be made retrospectively on receipt of the satisfactory completion of items above

Applicants must acknowledge the source of funding if they publish anything as a result of receiving the grant from the 4-0-8 Sheffield Fund of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

If you would like a copy of your responses (which can be useful, should you apply for other things in the future), please add your email address in the relevant field at the bottom of this form. 

* Claims not received within 3 months of the date of the event will only be processed at the discretion of the Faculty.

The information you have shared on this form will be used by the relevant FSRH Committee and FSRH staff for the purposes of administration only. FSRH will keep this information securely on our systems. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here

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Personal Details

This section of the form asks you to provide some personal details. These will enable us to contact you once you have submitted this form.

Details of annual study allowance provided by employer, please provide details of the number of days allowed and available for funding:

Give details on why your employer is not funding this course/meeting:

Event Details

Please tell us about the event you wish to attend.

Please outline the benefits of attending this event to justify your application:

Event Costs and Further Details

Please ensure you complete all the sections in full to support your application

More Information

Please answer the following questions in full

Have you applied for sponsorship to attend this meeting from any other source? If so, from whom or where? Please provide details on when you expect to hear from them:

Please give details of any meetings or courses in the field of reproductive health of 1 day or more in duration that you have attended in the last 24 months (dates/details):


I confirm that the details on this online form are correct and that I am in full-time or part-time employment within the NHS or charitable sector working with the field of Reproductive Health Care. I have read the regulations governing the 4-0-8 Sheffield Fund

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