What’s in the UKMEC's expanded introduction (Section A)?

Before using the UKMEC, it is important that clinicians are familiar with how it should be used. To facilitate this, UKMEC 2016 has an expanded introduction (Section A) which includes the following sub-sections:

  • Using the UKMEC – information is given on the methods considered in the UKMEC, definition of the UKMEC categories, when the UKMEC for “initiation” or “continuation” is applicable, and guidance on how to use the UKMEC in the context of considering multiple conditions/ personal characteristics.
  • Effectiveness of Contraceptive Method – a table comparing the effectiveness of different methods is presented.
  • Drug interactions with Hormonal Contraception – list of useful resources, including links to online drug interaction checkers, is provided.
  • Conditions that may pose a significant health risk during pregnancy – this is a list of medical conditions that expose a woman to increased risk as a result of being pregnant.
  • Summary of changes from UKMEC 2009 – all changes from UKMEC 2009 are summarised with some explanation of the rationale for the changes.

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