What subjects does the eKA cover?

The eKA in SRH assesses candidates’ knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • Fertility awareness and the lactational amenorrhoea method
  • Estrogen containing contraceptive methods
  • Oral and injectable progestogen only contraceptive methods
  • Barrier contraceptive methods
  • Assessment and referral for intra uterine contraceptive methods
  • Assessment and referral for sub dermal contraceptive implants
  • Assessment and referral for sterilisation
  • Emergency contraception

For each of these subjects, candidates will be assessed on:

  • Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and how the contraceptive method works
  • Patient selection for contraceptive methods (for example: age, contra-indications, post-pregnancy, consent, confidentiality and safeguarding) 
  • Drug interactions and pharmacology of contraceptive methods
  • Initiation and ‘quick start’ of contraceptive methods
  • Management of side effects and complications of contraceptive methods

There will also be questions on:

  • Presentation, diagnosis, and testing for vaginal discharge and STIs
  • Management at GP/community SRH level of vaginal discharge, pelvic pain and STIs – including male genital discharge, genital lumps, infestations and ulcers (not including management of HIV or blood borne viruses)
  • Asymptomatic screening (male and female)
  • Testing for HIV and blood-borne viruses
  • Management of a woman presenting with an unplanned pregnancy

The questions are based on the information found in nationally recognised sources such as FSRH and BASHH Guidelines and UKMEC.

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