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Do I need to hold a medical or nursing qualification to apply for an FSRH Diploma or LoC? +

Yes. The FSRH qualifications are attainable by healthcare professionals with a medical or nursing qualification who are registered with the GMC or ...

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How do I record my training progress for the FSRH Diploma? +

All FSRH Diploma trainees (doctors or nurses) must register for an NES FSRH Diploma e-portfolio once they have passed the eKA and before attending a ...

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I have completed my diploma training (eKA, Course of 5 and practical training) and all assessments in my e-portfolio, how do I apply for my diploma certificate? +

You should apply for the FSRH Diploma online on FSRH website. Click 'Register' in the top right for online access of this webiste to complete re...

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How do I purchase an e-portfolio for FSRH Diploma? +

You are now able to purchase FSRH Diploma e-portfolio online on our website. Register for online access by clicking on the orange 'Register' but...

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How do find a Faculty Registered Trainer in my local area? +

You can search for a list of General Training Programme contacts in your local area. Select the required qualification/s and enter your postcode and...

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What does ‘Needs manual verification’ mean in the e-portfolio? +

E-portfolio is unable to verify this requirement so a manual check is required. This will remain as a question mark as the system is unable to recogn...

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