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How do I access the MyFSRH/members’ area? +

If you have logged in before Please click the 'Login' button that appears at the top right of every page of the website if you have an existing ...

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How can I update my contact information? +

You can change all of your contact details yourself by signing into the Members’ area of the FSRH website.  If you have an account on o...

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I've forgotten my password, how can I log in? +

If you have forgotten your password or your username, please go to the log in screen. Click on the blue link that says 'Forgotten Password/Username' ...

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The website isn't displaying properly - what should I do? +

If the FSRH website isn't displaying properly on your device, please try another browser or try accessing it on your phone, tablet or another compute...

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Why does my account say I'm a 'Guest' when I'm actually a Diplomate/MFSRH or another member type? +

It may be that when you registered for your account on our website, you used a different name or email address to the one that we have on record for ...

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