My membership has lapsed and I want to rejoin FSRH - what should I do?

If your membership has lapsed and you would like to re-join FSRH past the 31 March cut-off date for the current membership year or after one or more years, you will be required to pay back your 'missing' years (at the current rate) to ensure you have continuous membership which is required for recertifying your primary qualification.  Read more about membership here

If you membership has lapsed, this means that you will no longer receive your membership benefits, and you will not be reminded of any recertification dates, if you hold a FSRH qualification.

Read our information for lapsed members here. 

Continuous membership policy
FSRH Council believes that membership of the FSRH – and therefore access to the latest clinical guidance, standards, Journal, CPD questions and regular updates – is an important part of the recertification process. FSRH is a registered charity and is able to provide its services through the payment of membership subscriptions. 

To rejoin
Please contact us to rejoin by email at or by phone on 020 7724 5534. 

You can read our full Membership Terms & Conditions here. 

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