How should I evidence each CiP?

You can view guidance for trainees and Educational Supervisors in the Curriculum 2021 area on the FSRH website.

Each CiP in the Definitive Document has examples of the kind of evidence that can be used for it, and each CiP has a Guide which has more detail on what is expected for each stage of training as well as case studies. You can link directly to the relevant CiP Guide from each CiP in the ePortfolio.

When considering what evidence to link to a particular Key Skill, you should consider whether it is also relevant to any other Key Skills – remember you can link one piece of evidence up to 7 times across a maximum of 3 CiPs.

For example, a large QI project is likely to be linked to several key skills, whereas a single clinical WPBA is likely to be only linked to one or two.
It will be possible to link items from the library in your old portfolio. But it is important to consider the validity of the evidence presented, and to discuss the necessary breadth of information submitted with your educational supervisor.