How should I answer the eKA questions?

1. Do I have to answer the questions in order?
No. You can answer questions in any order and return to previous answers within the 2 hour time limit.

2. May I change my answer(s)?
Yes. You may change your answers until you submit your eKA or reach the time limit, whichever comes soonest.

3. May I look something up while taking the test?
Yes. The eKA is an ‘open book’ test, reflecting the fact that you may sometimes need to use reference materials during clinical practice. Please remember, however, that the eKA is time-limited, so passing it requires an adequate level of knowledge and clinical reasoning.

Please note that you should base your answers on current best practice and published evidence and guidelines; you should not only use local protocols.

The eKA is intended to assess your problem-solving skills in a clinical situation. You must complete the assessment by yourself, without help from anybody else, and must only use the resources that you would have in a typical clinic or surgery. Anyone found cheating will have their eKA withdrawn.

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