How many of each WBA do I need to pass my ARCP?

For procedural competencies (see CSRH List of procedures) to be “signed off” you will need three Summative OSATs endorsed by an appropriate assessor (who is designated by your education supervisor). You can also undertake as many formative OSATS as you wish to evidence engagement with training.

You will need to use all of the other WPBAs (CBDs, MiniCEX, reflections, DOC) to evidence the CiPs, but there is no longer a minimum number, though the WPBA should reflect practice at the appropriate level of training.

For example an ST1 might reflect on an implant insertion, but an ST6 might reflect on an impalpable implant removal in a patient with diminished capacity

The focus should be on the quality of the evidence and how it has developed you as a doctor, rather than on the numbers of assessments you have done.