Can I recertify my qualifications if I my membership has lapsed?

Recertification of FSRH qualifications

In order to recertify your primary qualifications, your membership subscriptions must be up to date. If you have let your membership lapse, then you will be required to pay back up to 5 years’ membership subscriptions at the current rate.

Once your membership subscriptions are up to date, you will be able to access your membership benefits and recertify your qualification/s. You can view the current fees here.

Recertification as a non-member

If you hold any of our Letters of Competence, you can choose to recertify these qualifications as a non-member. Please note, that you will not receive access to any membership benefits or recertification reminders, and you will be required to pay a recertification fee for each qualification every 5 years when you come to recertify your qualification.

Primary qualifications (Diploma and the Membership Exam) cannot be recertified as a non-member.

Read our full Membership Terms & Conditions here