Manual Vacuum Aspiration - 7 February 2019, London

Date: 07 Feb 2019

Start time: 09:00AM

End time: 04:00PM

Venue: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)

27 Sussex Place

Regents Park




Cost: Standard Rate: £355.00 Member Rate: £305.00

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Manual Vacuum Aspiration - 7 February 2019, London


  • Specialist Gynaecology

This one day, hands-on and theoretical training course focuses on the outpatient management of miscarriage and abortion using manual vacuum aspiration. 

Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) is an alternative to electric suction of dilation and curettage for evacuation of the uterine contents. The MVA procedure is performed with a hand-operated vacuum syringe, typically under local anaesthetic, in a treatment room. 

With the high safety profile of this procedure and the increasing potential for the delivery of uterine evacuation outside of theatre, there is a need to improve access to MVA in the UK. In addition to providing grounding in the MVA procedure, this course covers the equipment, staffing, analgesia and other requirements for surgical uterine evacuation in the outpatient setting. 



9.00 am Registration and Refreshments
9.30 am Welcome and Introduction
9.40 am Manual Vacuum Aspiration Overview
10.30 am Patient Preparation and Pain Management
11.00 am Refreshments
11.30 am Understanding the Aspirator
11.45 am Steps for performing Manual Vacuum Aspiration
12.00 pm Video
12.15 pm Papaya and Pelvic Model Workshop
1.00 pm Lunch (2 course standing fork lunch)
2.00 pm Identifying and Managing Complications
2.45 pm Staffing and Supplies
3.15 pm Building a Business Case
4.00 pm Close

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