Hot Topic 2023 Events, Discounts & Offers

Ticket offers and bundles

There are a variety of discounts and offers available when you purchase your Hot Topic 2023 tickets.

Individual ticket offers

Early bird discount

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary in 2023, if you are one of the first 30 people to buy a ticket for each Hot Topic event you will receive a 5% discount on your ticket price. Use code: First30

Taster discount – exclusively for non-members

Try one of our Hot Topic events for the first time and receive £10 off your ticket price.

Ticket bundles for organisations and institutions

Organisations can receive discounts when 10+ tickets are bought together.

Number of tickets Members Saving Concession members* Saving
10 £675 £75 £558 £62
15 £1012.50 £112.50 £837 £93
20 £1350 £150 £1116 £124
25 £1687.50 £187.50 £1395 £155

*Concession members are classified as: students, trainees & nurses

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2023 Hot Topics

Take a look at our variety of Hot Topic online events planned for 2023.

Hot Topic half-day: Sexual health in context | 18 January

Deep dive into SRH essential information with topics covering STIs, Monkeypox, Trans sexual health, and safeguarding.

Attend this January 2023 Hot Topic and receive a 10% discount code for all other Hot Topic events in 2023!

Discounts will be sent after the January Hot Topic event.

*Eligible for members and concessions only

Hot Topic half-day: Gynae matters | 22 March

Join us and explore all the latest gynaecological health updates, including gynae cancers and clinical best practices.

Hot Topic half-day: Back 2 Gynae | 10 May

Enhance your practice with in-depth knowledge of gynaecological health and cancers in this half-day event.

Hot Topic half-day: SRH conundrums | 4 July

Explore complex contraception conundrums - abortion access, STIs, menopause and more - all in one event!

Find out more and book your place.

Hot Topic half-day: Bringing guidance to life | 27 September

Bring to life all the new products, guidance, troubleshooting and real-life clinical examples in this engaging Hot Topic.

Hot Topic half-day: Menopause care for all | 17 October

Focus on the importance of menopause care. Uncover information on menopause in relation to HIV, learning difficulties, and racial disparities.