DFSRH Assessment Half Day Virtual

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Date: 25 Oct 2024

Start time: 09:00AM

End time: 01:00PM

Venue: Online

Cost: £320.00

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DFSRH Assessment Half Day Virtual

Opening times

Daytime event.

Who is the Assessment Half Day (AHD) for?

Anyone who is currently a Diploma (DFSRH) candidate and has not already completed their AHD 

About the DFSRH Assessment Half Day Virtual

The AHD is a summative assessment that is required to be completed successfully for candidates to gain the DFSRH.

This AHD will be delivered remotely and consists of two parts – a written assessment lasting one hour and four virtual stations that will be completed in rotation. Before you go into each station, you will have a short time to read through each case scenario to understand what skills and knowledge will be assessed.

It is recommended that the AHD is undertaken towards the end of your DFSRH journey when you have completed the majority of the learning and assessments for the DFSRH.