Contraception Technology Update - 1 June 2019, Rugby

Date: 01 Jun 2019

Start time: 08:30AM

End time: 01:00PM

Venue: Rugby Union Football Club


Webb Ellis Road



CV22 7AU

Cost: £75

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Contraception Technology Update - 1 June 2019, Rugby


  • Contraception


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued along with a Personal Development Plan summary form, which will be supplied for your portfolio. Any lecture notes provided by the speakers will be available to download.


The programme covers the requirements of CPD for the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health Care. The session will be presented by Prof. John Guillebaud and will cover Contraception totalling 4 hours CPD.


FORMAT: “Interactive Learning” with presentations giving ample time for face to face questions and discussion with speakers.


[An unlearning as well as a learning experience]
Emeritus Professor John Guillebaud
University College London and Margaret Pyke Trust, London




Registration and Refreshments


Lecture 1


1. World Population, Family Planning and Sustainability
“Either we reduce our numbers voluntarily, or nature will do it for us brutally”
Maurice Strong, at the UN Environment Conference, Rio 1992


2. New developments in UK Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) including
Training for Practice Nurses and GPs through the Faculty of SRH


3. What’s on the way out? Some methods and some practices (like routine follow-ups)
And what in contraception is new - or old news yet important, ripe for rediscovery?


4. 21st century Pill-prescribing:
21/7 should be ‘History’….The NORM to become, now, the continuous regimens: 365/0 & 84/4 (tricycling)


5. NuvaRing, Qlaira, Zoely and Eloine = “Yasmin Lite”  – all to be welcomed, for selected cases


6. Quick-starting & Bridging - and the Proving not Pregnant Protocol


Registration & Refreshments


Lecture 2


7. Progestogen-only pills & Contraception in Lactation


8. Case cameos 


9. The LARCs – unapologetically promoted, AGAIN!


10.Intrauterine contraceptives (IUCs meaning IUDs & IUSs) – the best of the best?


11. Parenteral contraceptives - Depo-Provera, Sayana Press, Nexplanon


12. Hormonal EC & another plug for EC by Cu
- The protocol to use if progestogens follow ellaOne hormonal EC
- Cu has 10 x greater efficacy, quick-starting, & gives long-term option


13. Sterilization – female and male


14. Diseases and drugs which interact in contraception


15. Contraception in Adolescence and Peri-menopausally


Summary of the morning: 21 messages which may change your practice
- or not, if you were already up to speed!


Final Questions and Close

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