Conceiving fresh Concepts in Contraception - 19 September 2020 - Cardiff

Date: 19 Sep 2020

Start time: 09:00AM

End time: 01:00PM

Venue: Cardiff School of Management Llandaff Campus, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Western Avenue




Cost: £30

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Conceiving fresh Concepts in Contraception - 19 September 2020 - Cardiff


  • Contraception

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Professor John Guillebaud Practical tips revealed from this speaker’s 50-year journey - some new, some rediscovered

The following will be covered, during the presentation as time permits, otherwise by the supplementary Manual provided:

A. First, things to be ‘unlearned’: for example, that combined hormonal contraception (CHC) taken in the 21/7 regimen as marketed for the past 60 years is a good choice. There are better regimens (63/4 & 365[0]), also methods that are better. Above all, IUCs (generic for IUDs, IUSs and the new IUB) are seen as contraceptive ‘jewels’ by many women, once tried, including - contrary to past teaching - nulliparae. How can it be, that IUCs are now rarely offered in UK General Practice and IUC-trained providers are becoming deskilled?

B. Things to learn: the new methods, which to fight for, to use in selected cases - and which are not of special interest? Also fresh insights on how to provide the old ones, including establishing ‘open house’ protocols to replace routine follow-ups.

C. Consideration of contraceptive choices:

  • in preventing teenage conceptions: much more to it than optimum use of current contraceptive technology, though the LARCs certainly help.
  • for women around the menopause: and when to cease, if using a menses-masking method
  • after abortion, full-term pregnancy and in lactation
  • whenever there is no reliable LMP: the Proving Not Pregnant Protocol when ‘quick-starting’ and ‘bridging’: as should now be the norm
  • for emergency contraception (EC): how can any service be ‘adequate’ if the most effective (copper) EC method is essentially not available in a timely way?
  • when there is problematic bleeding with any method especially implants: the ‘D Check-list’ to diagnose, avoidance of norethisterone to treat
  • during assorted diseases and common ‘dis-eases’: the Principle of Summation and Maintaining Risk-Benefit Difference, and egs - migraine aura, high body mass
  • when there are potential drug interactions: the other drug reducing the efficacy of a CHC or the reverse, its own efficacy (or safety) altered by the CHC
  • where exceptional efficacy needed [= IUC or implant]: valproate, oral retinoid Rx
  • including vasectomy by no-scalpel methods: 5 times as effective as female sterilization. NB: World Vasectomy Day is November 17!
  • in a concluding summary: 20+ messages which may change your practice (or not, if you were already up to speed!) 



09:00-09:30 Registration, Coffee and Exhibition
09:30-11:00 Session 1
11:00-11:30 Coffee, Biscuits and Exhibition
11:30-13:00 Session 2