British Menopause Society: Menopause café series - 14 November 2023 - Online

Date: 14 Nov 2023

Start time: 06:00PM

End time: 08:00PM

Venue: Online

Cost: From £50 per webinar

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British Menopause Society: Menopause café series - 14 November 2023 - Online

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Evening event.


  • Specialist Gynaecology
  • Menopause and PMS
  • Gynaecology
  • Genitourinary Medicine

A new series of online menopause webinars from the British Menopause Society.

  • Live & interactive two-hour webinars, with specialist menopause panellists
  • Open to all healthcare professionals
  • 3 CPD points per webinar - Book for all three or just those of your choice

Programmes include: complex medical issues, HRT and perimenopause, bleeding and progestogens, menopause and migraine, testosterone, urogenital symptoms, HRT and breast cancer and more.

Specialist panellists include: Dr Katie Barber, Dr Olivia Hum, Prof Anne MacGregor, Dr Zoe Schaedel.


HRT for the over 60s – Prof Anne MacGregor

With all the recent hype around HRT, an increasing number of women over 60 are wondering if they’ve missed out and whether they can, or indeed should, be taking HRT. Every woman is an individual with her own set of risks and benefits, so there is really no one size fits all approach to initiating HRT in this population. The session will look at the most important points you need to consider in your discussions with women over 60 requesting HRT.

Complex medical issue, including CVD – Dr Olivia Hum

As HRT has evolved the number of women who can take it safely has increased, including those with complex medical issues. This session will look at some of the most frequent questions that come up on the BMS members’ forum, including prescribing after MI, SCAD and stroke, as well as other long term or complex medical conditions. 

Practical prescribing and monitoring – how, why and when? – Dr Katie Barber

The initial prescription is just the start and women will frequently return with side effects, issues and queries. This session includes hints and tips to ensure patient compliance, when to undertake blood tests, how to interpret blood tests and advise, best practice for HRT reviews (including the role of pharmacists, audits in primary care, dose conversions) and also include a ‘what we do on the shop floor’ discussion to manage the oddities that are seen every day.

Sessions and content may be subject to change.