eKA Terms and Conditions

Professional Probity

The eKA is an open book assessment, using only the resources that you would reasonably have available in a clinic or surgery.

It must be completed without the assistance of any other person, and arranging for a third party to take the eKA, or pretending to be someone else when completing the eKA will result in disqualification.

The Faculty reserves the right to investigate the circumstances of a particular sitting if a candidate is suspected of receiving help from another person. The Faculty may report a candidate to their professional body and employers if it is found they have behaved unethically and not adhered to the rules in place for the eKA.

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Intellectual Property Rights

The eKA questions and answers are the intellectual property of the FSRH and may not be reproduced, copied or stored.

Disability Access

If you have a disability as covered in the Equality Act 2010, it may be possible to make reasonable adjustments to extend the assessment time. If you believe you require reasonable adjustments to take the eKA, but have not yet informed us, we advised that you contact the Education Development Officer (LoCs) at FSRH (edofficerloc@fsrh.org) before you start this assessment, so that we are able to accommodate for your needs to the best of our abilities.