Online Theory Assessment OTA (for LoCs only)

The Online Theory Assessment (OTA) is an entry requirement for our Letter of Competence Subdermal Implant Techniques Insertion and Removal (LoC SDI-IR) and Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT) qualifications. 

The OTA is only for those intending to study the LoC SDI-IR or the LoC IUT. If you are studying for the DFSRH, you will be able to access the OTA within the DFSRH course once your application is approved. 

The OTA tests your breadth of theoretical knowledge which underpins your practical skills. Its purpose is to assess your knowledge, understanding and clinical decision-making abilities in contraceptive and non-specialist sexual and reproductive healthcare. 


For more information on the OTA, please read our Quick Guide to the Online Theory Assessment (OTA). You can also view our OTA FAQs for further support.

Please note that the Online Theory Assessment has replaced the Electronic Knowledge Assessment (eKA). If you have previously passed the eKA, you may not need to take the OTA. More information can be found here.

The OTA is not a standalone qualification.


The price for the OTA is £85* per attempt. If you are unsuccessful after the first attempt, you will be charged £85 for each further attempt.

*Please note this has been updated for 2024.

How to enrol

To enrol on the OTA (LoCs only), you will need to have a MyFSRH account. You can register for free or login to your existing account. 

Access the Online Theory Assessment 

You can also search for 'Online Theory Assessment OTA (for LoCs only)’ under 'Browse Courses' on the FSRH Training Hub.