Menopause Care Special Skills Module

Applications for the Menopause Care SSM are now closed. Current Menopause Care SSM candidates can continue their training.

Coming soon: An exciting new FSRH qualification in Menopause Care is currently being developed, and we are aiming to launch the core certificate in October 2022. This certificate will act as both a standalone qualification for primary care providers and the starting point for those who wish to progress to more advanced study. The core certificate will ensure health professionals are able to use their knowledge, clinical skills, and experience to assess and manage individuals presenting for routine menopause care. An advanced certificate for those aiming to lead a menopause service and receive complex referrals will be launched at a later point.

If you would like to be among the first to find out about the launch of our new Menopause Care qualification, please register your interest here.

If you have any specific queries regarding the closure of the Menopause Care SSM, please email our Specialty Support Team at

Please note that we are still accepting applications for those wanting to become Menopause Care Principal Trainers. Please see the 'Principal Trainer' tab below.

Our Special Skills Modules (SSMs) involve theoretical and practical training that enables healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom to deliver specialist care in an area of sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH).

The practical elements of SSM training are supervised by a Principal Trainer at a training centre, and are captured within a logbook that is submitted to us for review.

By completing the Menopause Care SSM, you will demonstrate your ability to deliver high-quality specialist care in this area, and will be awarded a Faculty Certificate.

You can apply for either a Basic or Advanced Certificate.

The Basic Certificate demonstrates the necessary skills to provide basic menopause care. You will understand your role in the specialty and, where necessary, the appropriate point at which to refer to other specialists. You will also understand the wider aspects of care for women, and participate in the development of services in the local area.

Those who complete the Advanced Certificate will have expertise in managing more complex cases and could receive external referrals. It is not necessary to complete the Basic Certificate first.

We also offer an SSM in Abortion CareUltrasound and Vasectomy.

Who can apply for the Menopause Care SSM?

The Menopause Care SSM is for healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom who work regularly in the field of menopause care. It is currently only available to doctors and nurses who are fully registered with the GMC or NMC.

The essential entry requirements are:

  • Fully registered with the GMC or NMC
  • Working in SRH, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, primary care or any other speciality related to women’s health care
  • Demonstrable consultation skills and the ability to take a full medical history, including a sexual health history
  • Membership of a menopause society (e.g. BMS, EMAS or IMS)
  • For the advanced certificate, nurse trainees must be nurse independent prescribers

The desirable entry requirements are:

  • Holding a relevant post-registration qualification in contraception or sexual health (e.g. DFSRH)

If you have little experience of menopause care, you may wish to consider attending a foundation course prior to applying for this SSM.

How do I apply for the Menopause Care SSM?

You will need to secure a Principal Trainer before you apply. See the Principal Trainer tab below for how to do this.

You will also need to have a MyFSRH account. Find out how to create a MyFSRH account.

You can apply through our website as follows:

1.  Log in to your MyFSRH account and access the FSRH Training Hub
2.  Scroll to the FSRH Training Hub and click on 'Browse courses'
3.  Click on 'FSRH Special Skills Module' and then 'Go to course'
4.  On the FSRH Special Skills Modules page, scroll down to the 'Apply for an SSM' banner
5.  Open the banner and click on the 'Apply now' button
6.  Complete the SSM application form and pay for your chosen SSM

Once you have applied, we will let you know by email within 10 working days whether you have been accepted.

If you are not accepted, you will receive an email and a refund on your payment.

If you are accepted, you will be sent your logbook and trainee number by email. Once you receive these, you can begin your SSM training.

You must provide your GMC or NMC number when applying for an SSM. If you are providing your GMC number, you must have a current licence to practice medicine in the UK.

What does Menopause Care SSM training involve?

The SSM includes theoretical and practical assessments. These are met by the completion of an FSRH-recognised menopause theory course, and by the submission of an SSM logbook that captures the practical training elements that are supervised by a Principal Trainer.

The practical training should be completed within three years of attending the theory course.

Please see the Theory Course and Logbook tabs below for more information.

Theory Course

Attendance at an FSRH-recognised menopause theory course is mandatory for the completion of the Menopause Care SSM. The practical training must be completed within three years of attendance at a theory course.

Menopause theory courses that are currently FSRH-recognised include:

Due to the shortage of Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainers, and the requirement to complete practical training within three years of attending a theory course, it is highly recommended that you secure a Principal Trainer before attending a theory course.

You can see upcoming SSM theory courses on our events page. Search the events section by selecting ‘External Conferences and Educational Meetings’ from the dropdown menu.

If there is no suitable course on our events page, please be aware that courses are planned throughout the year and advertised on our events page once they have been organised. You can also search for courses on the BMS and RCOG websites.

If you are a course organiser who would like us to endorse your theory course for one of our SSMs, check out our course endorsement process.


The logbook outlines all the practical training elements that you will need to complete. You will receive an electronic version of the logbook when you are accepted on to the SSM. At the end of the logbook is a Certificate Checklist that lists each of the items that you need to submit to complete the SSM.

The practical training involves the assessment and management of clinical problems pertaining to menopause, and must be completed within three years of attending a recognised theory course.

You can either print out the logbook and scan in each page when it is ready for submission, or you can complete the pages of the logbook electronically and scan in the pages of evidence to support your logbook submission.

Once completed, the logbook will need to be emailed as an attachment to the Education Development Officer for Specialist Training, Rhian Jones, at

Principal Trainers

Principal Trainers supervise the entire training process for the SSM. They are responsible for the initial, interim and summative assessments, and the final SSM logbook sign off.

They are also responsible for delegating additional trainers for the assessments that require secondary trainer approval. It is their duty to ensure that these secondary trainers are sufficiently competent and able to train you.

Principal Trainers will continue to provide training and assessment for the new menopause qualification launching in October 2022, and we continue to encourage applications from those wanting to become Menopause Care Principal Trainers.

How can I find a Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainer?

You will need to contact a registered Principal Trainer from the below list to ask if they could be your Principal Trainer for this SSM:

List of Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainers

The coverage of Principal Trainers across the UK is limited in some areas. Additionally, some Principal Trainers may have waiting lists of trainees, so it is highly recommended to contact several Principal Trainers prior to applying.

Training may require you to travel to a Principal Trainer if one is not available locally. Please take the time, distance and costs associated with this travel into account before agreeing on where to do your training with your Principal Trainer.

If there are no Principal Trainers who are available, or within a reasonable travel distance, you will need to ask a suitable person - who is conveniently located for you - to apply to become a Principal Trainer.

For more information on how to determine a suitable person and how they can apply to become a Principal Trainer, click on ‘How do I apply to become a Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainer?’ below.

How do I become a Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainer?

Principal Trainers need both training and clinical skills to provide effective training and supervision of the practical elements of the Menopause Care SSM.

To become a Principal Trainer, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • GP Trainer
    • Hold the new FSRH PGA in Medical Education in SRH
    • Hold the old FSRH LoC Med
    • Attended a Training the Trainers course or equivalent
  • Hold the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care or equivalent
  • Currently working within a menopause service with designated sessions
  • Membership of a menopause society (e.g. BMS, EMAS or IMS)
  • Seeing a minimum of 100 menopause patients per year, of whom 50 must be new referrals

If you would like to apply to be a Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainer, please complete the below application form:

Apply to be a Menopause Care SSM Principal Trainer

This form will be sent to the Education and Training team and will be reviewed by the Module Guardian. You will then be contacted by the Education and Training team, and you may be asked to provide further information and evidence to support your application.

Principal Trainers must re-register every five years following the same process as above. They must be able to show evidence of at least 20 hours of CME credits over five years, and proof of attendance at a two-day national or international menopause meeting in the last three years.

Fees & Costs

The SSM requires payment of a £50.00 registration fee. This is payable online when you apply via the FSRH Training Hub. Find out how to create a MyFSRH account to access the FSRH Training Hub.

You may also need to pay a fee to your Principal Trainer, which will need to be agreed with them.


Browse the Menopause Care SSM FAQs here.

If you cannot find an answer to your question after checking the Menopause Care SSM FAQs page, please email the Education Development Officer for Specialist Training, Rhian Jones, at