Would you like your learning course or resource to be endorsed by FSRH?

Our endorsement process is currently under review. If you wish to discuss this, please contact us.

If your organisation is developing an external program or course directly related to achieving FSRH qualifications, then FSRH endorsement may be of benefit to you. The FSRH endorsement program provides organisations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to high standards of SRH educational material, which meets quality standard set by the FSRH and directly relates to our qualifications.

Benefits of Endorsement by the FSRH 

When the FSRH offers endorsement to a programme it includes:

  • A supporting statement and the use of the FSRH endorsement logo.
  • Terms and conditions of endorsement
  • Promotion of the course via our webpage, publications and social media (actuals with T&Cs)

Application process
Organisations/individuals that wish to request FSRH endorsement will complete and submit an application form and provide supporting evidence to the E&T Team.

  • Applications should be submitted at least 6-weeks before endorsement of the programme is required. The information within the application will be treated confidentially.
  • The programme will be evaluated by an independent panel against agreed criteria (and scoring scheme).
  • Endorsement terms will depend upon the format of the programme e.g. one-day courses will be offered a one-off endorsement, whilst online learning may be offered up to 3-years.
  • Requesters will be given a decision in writing with feedback within one-month of submitting their application.
  • Only programmes that have been reviewed and endorsed by the panel can state that they are endorsed by the FSRH. 

Click here to download an in-depth guide to the FSRH Endorsement Process.

Click here to download the FSRH Endorsement Application form. 

FSRH Endorsement Pricing

Fees are based on the total amount of learning in the programme (including face-to-face, online, blended). The price is in UK pounds and will be subject to 20% VAT. An upfront, non-refundable £100 administration fee will be required.


Up to one day of learning activity

2-5 days of learning activities

Up to 3 months of learning activities (more than 5 days)





Not for profit/charity