Essentials of Menopause Care

Are you a healthcare professional working with women during perimenopause and menopause?

Then our brand-new Essentials of Menopause Care course is designed for you. 

The Essentials of Menopause Care course is aimed specifically at those providing Menopause Care in primary care settings. It provides an interactive half-day with scenario-based learning, quizzes, presentations, time for discussion and questions.

This course is relevant for Menopause Care providers needing an introduction and provides a useful update for more experienced staff. Courses are delivered in a variety of locations across the UK. Essentials of Menopause Care is not a competency-based course, and it is not assessed. 

At the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Assess women presenting with perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms 
  • Outline the non-hormonal management options for these symptoms 
  • Explain the risks and benefits of HRT 
  • Explain how to use the different HRT preparations that are available 
  • Explain the management of genitourinary syndrome of the menopause 
  • Discuss the contraceptive needs of perimenopausal women and how these can be met  
  • Describe the needs of women who have had premature ovarian insufficiency

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"Loved this course. All facilitators were engaging, experienced and approachable. They created a great learning environment and I got a lot out of the course that I will take forward into my practice. Thank you."

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Interested in organising an SRH Essentials of Menopause Care course? 

We are interested to hear from anyone who would like to become an Essentials of Menopause Care Facilitator. Read more about how to become a course facilitator and organise a course.

Apply to be a facilitator here. 

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to register on an Essentials course, you must have a GMC, NMC, GPhC, PAMVR or HCPC number. This will be checked by the Lead Facilitator of your course.


Essentials of Menopause Care is a half-day course to help you develop the skills and confidence to consult with patients about menopause and their care needs. 

Interactive and practical, the course uses a variety of activities to cover these topics, including scenario-based learning, presentations, time for discussion, questions and quizzes. Essentials of Menopause Care is not a competency-based course, and it is not assessed. 

Attendees will be provided with worksheets for use on the day and a Reference Document for future reference. 

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance following the course. 


Courses are run by FSRH approved facilitators and delivered locally, so registration fees can vary depending on location. Please consult with the facilitator for final pricing.

How to book

Essentials of Menopause Care courses are run by FSRH facilitators and delivered locally. 

To register to attend a course please contact the facilitator organising the course direct - their contact details are listed on the course event. 

If there are no courses currently available, please keep checking as our Facilitators will be regularly organising new courses for you to join.

Browse upcoming Essentials of Menopause Care courses. 

If you are already registered as an Essentials of Menopause Care Facilitator and you wish to register a new course, please complete the booking form here.  


I received some training in Menopause Care a while ago, but I want to refresh my knowledge, is SRH Essentials of Menopause Care for me? 

Yes, SRH Essentials of Menopause Care is a good way to update your knowledge. 

I cannot prescribe, is SRH Essentials of Menopause Care still suitable for me? 

Yes, non-prescribers can attend SRH Essentials of Menopause Care. 


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