e-Learning for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (eSRH)

e-learning for Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (e-SRH) supports healthcare professionals in acquiring the relevant knowledge needed for delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare.

e-SRH supports FSRH Diploma and the Letter of Competence trainees to prepare for the e-Knowledge Assessment (eKA). The eSRH is also an excellent standalone learning resource for anyone working in contraception and other SRH areas.


The e-SRH programme is currently in the process of being rewritten and designed and will replace the existing programme in the Autumn. This will align with our redesigned DFSRH curriculum. We encourage you to continue to access the current programme and use FSRH guidance where possible, to supplement your learning.

Please note that the current programme will no longer be updated. We will share further information with you on programme details soon.

eSRH Curriculum

The comprehensive curriculum for e-SRH was developed to reflect the level of knowledge and competence required by a doctor or nurse delivering non-specialist sexual and reproductive healthcare in a community setting.

It includes:

  • Contraception
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Early pregnancy assessment and referral
  • Recognising psychosexual problems
  • The law relating to confidentiality, sexual activity and young people

eSRH Modules

There are a number of modules on the e-SRH. Module 17 is a mandatory learning module that will be helpful if you are working towards achieving the FSRH Diploma.

You can download a certificate of completion when you complete the module.

Modules 17 or 18 are required components for the different FSRH Letters of Competence.

If you are preparing for the eKA, you are advised to work your way through all the modules before taking the assessment.

  • Module 1 - Principles of service provision
  • Module 2 - Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Module 3 - Risk assessment and sexual behavior
  • Module 4 - Pregnancy
  • Module 5 - Psychosexual medicine
  • Module 6 - Sexual assault
  • Module 7 - Screening and vaccination programmes in SRH
  • Module 8 - Contraceptive choices
  • Module 9 - Contraception: Managing side-effects and complications of use
  • Module 10 - Emergency Contraception
  • Module 11 - Testing for sexually transmitted and genital infections
  • Module 12 - Problem-based approach to StI testing
  • Module 13 - Testing for HIV and blood bourne viruses
  • Module 14 - Partner notification
  • Module 17 - Additional training in sub-dermal contraceptive implants
  • Module 18 - Additional training in intrauterine (IUT).

Download the full eSRH curriculum guide here.

How to access eSRH

You will need an e-LfH account. You can register on their website here.

Please note, FSRH cannot offer any assistance with forgotten login details or passwords as this is an externally managed website. However, you can get in touch with e-LfH here

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