The FSRH Diploma (DFSRH)

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The FSRH Diploma (DFSRH) is aimed at doctors, nurses and midwives who are already working in general practice, community and integrated sexual health services. 


By testing their knowledge and assessing their skills, the Diploma demonstrates that they can provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care in community, primary and secondary care settings.



The FSRH Diploma is a blended learning package, underpinned by an e-portfolio that records your progress. The Diploma has three stages, which build on each other.

1. Theoretical knowledge – this is based on the Faculty’s clinical guidelines. Trainees must pass an online knowledge assessment (the ‘eKA in SRH’). 
2. Course of 5 – five hours of small group-assessed workshops.
3. Clinical experience & assessments in seven topics.

The Diploma is open to doctors with both registration and a licence to practise with the UK GMC or midwives and nurses on the UK NMC register (excluding RN Level 2). It is accredited by the RCGP. Clinicians currently holding the Diploma must also be a member of the Faculty. Download a full list of learning outcomes for the FSRH Diploma.

Diploma FSRH Recertification Information

Additional Documentation

Read our Diploma FAQ's here

Qualify DFSRH

The steps below show the full process of achieving the DFSRH or Diploma of FSRH.

1. Read the Diploma Training Requirements and personal beliefs guidance

First, download and read the Diploma’s training requirements. Please ensure that you do not start the Diploma until you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Personal beliefs guidance:

At the time of application for your FSRH qualification, you need to confirm you have read the 6 principles of care as outlined in the “Guidance for those undertaking or recertifying FSRH qualifications whose personal beliefs conflict with the provision of abortion or any method of contraception” and agree to abide by them in practice. It is, therefore, important to have read this document prior to commencing training.

2. Register for the e-learning for health (e-SRH)

Please note that module 17 is a requirement for the DFSRH.

There are further optional e-learning modules within e-SRH which may help you to refresh your clinical knowledge as you prepare for the eKA. It is free for people employed by the NHS or anyone who holds an email address. It contains interactive learning modules on a variety of topics, e.g. STI testing. Each module lasts around 20 minutes; the entire course should take around 30 hours. To use it, please register with e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH).

3. Purchase and take the E-Knowledge Assessment (eKA), required assessment

We recommend reading our eKA FAQs which may help if you have specific queries. Read more about the eKA in full.

The eKA takes 1 hour 45 minutes and must be completed in a single sitting. There is a £75 fee for each attempt. Once you pass, you will receive a confirmation email which you must keep for the next step. 

4. Purchase my FSRH e-Portfolio

After passing the eKA, click here to log in and apply online for your FSRH Diploma e-portfolio via My FSRH.  The link to purchase the e-porfolio is under 'Take a qualification' after you have logged into our website, on the Diploma page under step four. 
You need this before moving onto the Course of 5. Please note, the e-portfolio, may take several days to process.

Before attending the Course of 5, candidates should have:

  • Passed the eKA 
  • Purchased the e-portfolio by logging into our website
  • Had the three pre-entry requirement assessments completed in the e-portfolio
  • Completed Module 17 (SDI) for the e-SRH package (free to holders of email addresses)

5. Attend a Course of 5 and complete clinical experience and assessment

The Course of 5 (C5) is a one-day training (usually) involves five hour-long workshops and includes nine Diploma assessments. Failure in three or more assessments constitutes failure overall, requiring you to retake the entire course. The C5 can be run in individual sessions, or in its entirety as a one day course. It is delivered to groups of up to four trainees, giving you the chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Visit our Events pages to see when C5 workshops are taking place. You can search by region and event type to find a Course of 5 that suits your schedule and location. We recommend reading our guidelines and checklist before booking your place. Before beginning the C5 itself, please complete the entry requirement forms in your e-portfolio.

View the Course of 5 trainee guidelines.

6. Find a Trainer and complete Clinical experience & assessment 

Trainees are assessed in seven topic areas, mostly from direct observation of consultations, but also discussion of observations that your trainer may not have witnessed. Your clinical experience & assessment must be done through a Faculty-recognised General Training Programme and we recommend that you start it within six months of passing the C5. You can find full details of Faculty-recognised General Training Programmes by logging in and then accessing our Find a Trainer webpage. You will be able to search by training type and location.

Read the relevant guidelines for trainees on Clinical Assessment.

7. Complete your online training evaluations

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you will need to complete the online evaluation for the Course of 5 and the online evaluation for the Clinical Experience & Assessment. Log into our website and navigate to 'Take a qualification', 'Diploma' and then step six includes links to the online evaluations.

8. Submit your evidence for the award of the Diploma 

Once you have passed every stage of your training, you can apply for your FSRH Diploma. To do this, login to ‘My FSRH’ and then follow the steps to complete the following items: 

Click on 'Take a qualification' after logging into the website. Select the Diploma square and click on the orange 'Qualify' button. From there go to step 7 which is titled 'Submit your evidence for the award of Diploma'.

You will be asked to completed the online Diploma application form. You will need to have your final summative assessment form from your e-portfolio to fully complete this process. The final fee will be payable at this point. 

Please note: FSRH Diplomas are awarded on a rolling basis, and must be awarded within 12 months of completing the training programme. We therefore recommend that you apply for your Diploma as soon as possible after passing your training.

To begin your Diploma qualification, please read our information on 'How to Apply'.


Contact Us
If you have questions regarding applying for the Diploma, please contact the Education Development Officer by phone on: +44(0)20 3198 3180 or by email to 

Intellectual Property Rights
All intellectual property rights for any FSRH qualification including documents, materials and content belonging to and produced by the FSRH should not be used for purposes other than FSRH training. Should you wish to use any of the IPR for purposes other than FSRH training you must seek the FSRH’s approval in writing with your request via our copyright request form. We aim to respond to submissions of this nature within one working week.


What is recertification and why is it important?

As a Diplomate member, we require you to recertify your qualification every five years. 

This enables you to:

  • demonstrate the learning outcomes achieved from your Diploma qualification have been maintained

  • show you have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour needed to provide safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care (SRH)

  • meet the requirements of commissioners, who often require clinicians to have certified qualifications 

  • showcase your competence as a SRH leader with a nationally recognised qualification

  • provide evidence to support your appraisals and revalidation.

Download our Diploma recertification guidance

Which topic areas do I need to cover?

To recertify, you must demonstrate the FSRH Diploma learning outcomes have been maintained and developed.

These include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive systems

  • Principles of SRH delivery – confidentiality and the law

  • Contraception methods – hormonal, intra-uterine, post-coital, barrier, emergency, fertility awareness methods and surgical

  • Managing fertility/infertility

  • Pregnancy – planned/unplanned

  • Genitourinary medicine – sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDs

  • Delivering SRH consultations – equality, diversity, non-judgemental attitude

  • Pyschosexual difficulties – relationship issues and gender identity

  • Sexual assault

  • National screening/vaccination programmes relevant to SRH (e.g. cervical cytology, chlamydia, HPV, rubella)

  • Working with young people.

View a full list of the Diploma learning outcomes.

How can I complete my recertification?

Recertifying your Diploma qualification is very straightforward.

Simply complete the online form for your Diploma recertification. This form is easy to use and we would recommend this option.

If you would prefer, you can also download a paper version, scan and email this to

When do I recertify?

Recertification is due after five years. Your recertification due date will be shared with you once you complete your Diploma. You should apply for recertification not more than six months before your recertification date, and no later than six weeks afterwards.

We will remind you via email six and three months before this is due. You can also find your recertification date in the FSRH members’ area ‘My FSRH’ under 'My completed qualifications’.

What evidence do I need to recertify?

You will need to collect at least 10 credits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity over the past five years.

This activity must be relevant to the Diploma learning outcomes listed above. You must have gained at least 2.5 CPD credits within 24 months of your recertification date.

When will my recertification be confirmed?

On receipt of your application, we will aim to confirm recertification of your Diploma qualification by email no later than five working days.

Is there a charge to recertify?

There is no charge to recertify as this is a benefit included in your annual membership fee. However, you must have paid your membership fee continuously for the five years leading up to recertifying.

If you have not, and wish to recertify, please contact us at or 020 7724 5534 to discuss your options. You will need to pay your backdated membership fees – at current subscription levels (2018’s rate is £104 per year).

Contact us

If you have any further questions, you can email us at, or call us on 020 3198 3180 /
020 7724 5620
. You can also download our Diploma recertification guidance

How to Apply

To start your application process for the FSRH Diploma, please click on the register button (if you do not already have a 'My FSRH' website account). Registration on this website is free, you will not be required to make any payment until you are ready to apply for your qualification.

If you already have a log in for 'My FSRH', please click on login and then navigate to 'Take a qualification/recertify' behind log in.

FSRH Register here   Log in to 'My FSRH'

Not sure how to register on our website? Watch our video for some help.
(You'll need sound or earphones on your device)


Associated fees and costs

The cost of full Diplomate membership annually is £104 (for initial Diplomate applications between 1 Jan – 30 June 2018) or a reduced half-year subscription in your first year of membership of £52 (for Diplomate applications made between 1 July – 31 December 2018).

The subsequent full annual Diplomate membership fee is due on 1 January 2019 and then the following years of your membership.


As a Diplomate member your recertification of your qualification is free of charge every 5 years, if you have retained and paid for your annual Diplomate membership each year. Recertification enables you to demonstrate you have retained the skills and knowledge required for your qualification. This evidence can be used in appraisals and for revalidation.

You can read more about your Diplomate membership benefits here, these include access to resources for training, discounts on events and free webinars.

Electronic Knowledge Assessment (eKA)

£75 (per attempt) - payable to FSRH


£50 - Payable to FSRH

Course of 5

Between £150-£350 depending on location and provider 

Costs are set locally and payable to the provider

Clinical Training

Between £300-£400 depending on location and provider 

Costs are set locally and payable to the provider

FSRH Diploma Registration Fee


FSRH Diplomate Membership Fee 

(Existing FSRH Associate Members do not need to pay these Membership Fee costs)

£104 - (full amount payable to FSRH on application if applying between Jan-Jun)


£52 - (half-yearly rate payable to FSRH on application if applying between Jul-Dec)


(approximate based on above lower level costs)

Minimum of £767 (based on lower end estimates given above)

Please note, the costs of training are set by local providers and your full costs may be more.

Is your trust paying by invoice?

If your trust is making payment by invoice, we will need the following information in order to raise a purchase order: invoice address (accounts payable), a purchase order number (only if your trust requires one), and a finance/accounts payable email address. Please note, your trust can opt to pay for several individuals in a bulk payment if required.  

Please share this information with our finance team at to raise the invoice or you can fill in our form online with all the information to raise an invoice

How to Apply

Start your qualification now, by clicking on 'How to Apply' which will enable you to register for a free account on the FSRH website, no fees are payable until you are ready to start your application process.


Contact Us

Contact Us
If you have questions regarding applying for the Diploma, please contact the Education Development Officer by phone on: +44(0)20 3198 3180 or by email to