Become an FSRH Registered Trainer

Why become a Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT)?

FSRH Registered Trainers (FRTs) are central to the delivery of the Diploma and Letters of Competence, ensuring the provision of safe and effective sexual and reproductive health care in community, primary and secondary care settings. FRTs work alongside General Training Programme Directors, FSRH Regional Training Advisors and FSRH staff to support the delivery of local training.

There are 3 ways to become a FRT

  • By completing the FSRH Postgraduate Training in Medical Education (see details below on the next course) 
  • As an approved GP Trainer
  • By applying through the equivalence route

For detailed information on the entry requirements and ways to become a FRT please read how to become a FSRH Registered Trainer.

To Apply please complete the appropriate form:

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